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Rodent Control

The Advanced Rodent Management Treatment provides a total and effective control against Rats & Mice. Some pests are small and more often than now, out of our way, as for rodents, it becomes a bit scary to even enter our homes if we know these guys are around. Varying in size, these pests have continuously growing incisors in each of the upper and lower jaws. Also known as the Norway Rat, these pests are a physical threat to family members as well. Rats have an acute sense of smell and mark their runs with urine and genital secretions. As a Pest Management Company our aim is to locate their shelter in the open fields and fumigate them thus to kill them in outside areas as to prevent any nuisance inside the property.

This is why rodent control is extremely necessary, whether they are within your homes or even in the surroundings. If within, it becomes even more crucial to get rodent pest control done. This is because they affect all aspects such as health, furniture, food, etc. In India, the best rodent control services are provided by Oberoi Pest Control Private Limited and you can get started by a single call to +91 8826099221-2 Their rodent proofing service will ensure these pests no long enter your home.

Rats cannot distinguish colours; they always walk along the wall and rarely diagonally across the rooms. To control them multiple dose of anticoagulant, which inhabits the coagulation of blood is been places at various permanent stations inside the premises. As the compound creates continuous internal bleeding to the rat it shelters in a secure place the burrows in the open field with no interference of any life. Thus die outside the premises and not create a nuisance. Glue Trapping Activity will also be done as per requirement.